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Beijing, offiCina, 21st April - 20th May 2007, Tue-Sun, 13:00-18:00
opening reception: Sat 21st April 2007 17:00-20:00
2 Jiuxianqiao Road - Factory 798 - Chaoyang District


Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente. Born respectively in 1962 and 1967 in Naples, where they live and work. They have produced diverse installations and video installations. Since 1994 they have participated to numerous group exhibitions and to several solo shows in Italy and abroad. Some of their works have been installed inside Naples metro station and Siena Palazzo delle Papesse. They have also taken part to the project Connect to Art produced by Nokia inviting some international artists (including Studio Azzurro, Nam June Paik, Xu Bing, Feng Mengbo, Ai Weiwei and more) to create short videos to be downloaded and watched on the mobile display. The project intention is to take art out from galleries and museums to the palm of our hand. Among their video works are: Deep in My Mind (1997), Welcome X (1998), Deep Blue Ocean of Emptiness (2002), Uneuclidean Pattern (2003), I Should Learn from you (2003), Area (video project for n.est) (2004), Cloud System (2004), Spread (2004), Fortify my Arms (2004), When the Sun touches you (2006) and so on.

Mass (Mario Masullo)

Mario Masullo lives and works in Rome. An active sound artist, label owner, musician, promoter, art director and producer, all of his outlets are governed by his urge to distil the substance of sounds and ideas, irrespective of any scenes. He defines his music as empathetic, unexpected and heterogeneous. 'Everything moves, driven by emotions'. His musical playing field covers a very broad spectrum. From minimal techno to melancholic dub and structured noise (as mass), manipulating sounds in other worldly ways, following an old tradition of dub productions. Together with other artists he starts DSP Recordings, one of the most important Italian disco graphic labels, active in the field of electronic sound. His numerous trips performing live in Germany, Switzerland, Spain (sonar), France and China help him solidify his reputation as producer that pushes the boundaries of acceptable forms of electronic music, feeding his need to discover new music.

Artists¡¯ statement (Bianco-Valente)

Our work focuses on perception phenomena and brain dynamism that enable us to retain the memories of our experiences and perceive mind images through which we can conceive an evolving reproduction of the external reality. A very fascinating subject for us is the body-mind duality: a flesh organic structure, finite and dependent on space and time that carries about the mind, a spontaneous phenomenon with no visible boundaries, totally free and self-referential. We search for boundaries of this immaterial space living into the cerebral convolutions, trying to understand if and where it is possible to locate a point of contact linking indivisibly the two domains, the material and the immaterial. The more and more frequently scientists announcements of new 'intelligent machines' coming out in the next future and capable to interact with humans make things interesting for our work: the body-mind duality couldn't be confined to organic entities anymore but could extend to conscious artificial entities made of plastic, silicon and electrical states. This is the reason why we began to investigate the connections between the natural and the artificial and how, for example, artificial entities are able to generate phenomena that we perceive as if they were natural. In our work the recurring imaginary world is built up of 'mindscapes', distorted visions of nature with altered colours, just with the intention to fix on the canvas a sort of mind image. On the one hand the human figure with indefinite features, out of focus, is intended to represent the immaterial sphere, on the other hand, just as a counterpoint (mind-body duality), we represent cells images shot by microscope concerning the organic sphere.

Neuro-visions: Bianco-Valente videos, by Bruno Di Marino

The electronic image constitutes in Bianco-Valente videos a kind of cerebral extension, the possibility of a bodily dematerialization. Suggestive and fascinating, sometimes relaxing, more often alienating, psychedelic and obsessive, the mnemonic images produced by this two artists flow like magma, boil similar to unstoppable lava that overwhelms the last bodily and figurative debris. Intermittences of the heart, of the mind and of the vision, their images speak to our present, past and future senses. The minimalism of their ¡®electrovisions¡¯, often monochrome, takes us to level zero of sensorial perception. The way in which Bianco-Valente use technology is never baroque or redundant but always carefully controlled. The content is in restraining, without useless dispersions of visual energy and meaning. This philosophy of the essential is opposed to the spreading aesthetics of the so-called post-organic, still too close to the concept of body as machine and to the performance as a carnival and ¡®neo-primitive¡¯ ritual. By seeing their works, we get the impression to discover for the first time the kinetic-abstract images 80 years later the experiments of the vanguard cinema. But theirs is never an ingenuous technological classicism, never really ¡°poor¡±. Even though Bianco-Valente deal with the low resolution of the basic visual process, they create images formally perfect. They extrapolate from the electronic image its evanescence, its dynamism, its virtual, metamorphic and above all its neurotic nature. Video is a thoroughly mental process. To get free from the concept of body as substance means to regenerate it. It does not mean using technological medium to load even more our ¡®flesh machine¡¯, but reducing body to pure thinking or seeing through images that have the same essence of dreams. In the end, thought is the only possible reality (aesthetically too).


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