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Neapolitan Video Art in Beijing
The Year of Italy in China

Naples Province Councillor for Cultural Heritage

Antonella Basilico



Beijing, 798 Space
September 30th - October 8th 2006, Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00
Opening Saturday 30th September, 16:00

Video art exhibition produced by Naples Province Council for Cultural Heritage
curated by Gigiotto Del Vecchio
organization and communication offiCina


An intensive full immersion into Neapolitan video art through the video works of artists from the last generation: this is ¡°Vesuvius.¡± This exhibition project has Gigiotto Del Vecchio as curator, and is promoted by Antonella Basilico, Naples Province Councillor for Cultural Heritage, in cooperation with Naples Province Administration for Communitarian Politics. ¡°The exhibition ¡®Vesuvius¡¯ is a meaningful step along a path started long time ago by Naples Province and the Council for Cultural Heritage - that I represent - to internationalize the cultural debate within our city - states the Councillor Antonella Basilico. Our policy starts from the wish to spread and add value to Neapolitan culture by presenting it outside its national boundaries through a prestigious image. In so doing, we rely on our artists¡¯ creativity and value. The universal language of video art therefore becomes a peculiar instrument of dialogue and sharing¡±.

¡°I think it¡¯s no longer possible to refer to ¡®the art of Naples¡¯ as a characterized and characterizing culture,¡± explains Gigiotto Del Vecchio, curator of the exhibition and art director of the Morra Greco Foundation. ¡°To be ¡®Neapolitan¡¯ means wishing to be a part of the world and to better understand how important it is to relate to others and exchange ideas, to be open towards new cultures and attitudes. This is what I believe is important to point out about the city of Naples, about its inhabitants and its artists. Its having always been ¡®international,¡¯ its tolerance and its openness derived from being more than one culture at the same time, a seaside city and a harbour¡±.

The structure of the exhibition, installed in the suggestive premises of Beijing 798 Factory, goes beyond the ¡°local¡± character and, thanks to its strong narrative intention and its aesthetic dimension, outlines an articulate and exhaustive picture of making art by using video and the video-camera.

Considering the international context in which they¡¯re going to be displayed, the artworks have been selected according to their possibility to be enjoyed outside their local and national context. The original idea behind this exhibition, therefore, is to propose a way of operating by the contemporary artist in the very moment in which he/she relates to the video camera. Every video work will be set up inside an independent space in order to let the audience be able to see and hear all artworks in full autonomy.

During the exhibition, between September 30th and October 8th, the curator and the artists will take part in public meetings and artistic-cultural debates.

offiCina, an Italian cultural exchange centre and an exhibiting space based in 798 Factory, Dashanzi Art District, is in charge of the project¡¯s organization and communication in Beijing.

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